Valentine‘s Day Cocktail

I might not drink alcohol every day, but on the rare occasion I do, I want to make sure that whatever I put in my body is as clean, healthy and delicious as possible. Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I thought I’d share the perfect Valentine’s Day Cocktail, that not only has some health benefits to it, but also tastes like “love in a martini glass”.

 Simply squeeze the grapefruit and mix the juice with the rest of the ingredients. Add the carbonated water at the end,voilá!

Health Benefits
Grapefruit smooths skin, strengthens your immune system, boosts your metabolism and is said to reduce stress.
Peppermint is often used as a fever reducer and it’s containing rosmarinic acid has antioxidant abilities that are known to neutralize free radicals.
Honey is a natural source of energy and boosts your memory, which basically makes it the perfect ingredient for date night.

This power combination mixed with a little bit of organic gin, which is known to improve digestion, is just the perfect Valentine’s Day Drink.

Tip: If you don’t drink alcohol, you can also leave out the gin and make this a virgin cocktail. Tastes just as lovely!

What is your favorite Valentine’s Day drink?

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